Our Mission and Vision



"Lively was founded in 2000 by the German Aurovilian Karin. She is working for the Auroville Village Action Trust since she joined Auroville in January 1998. Her aim was always to provide a bridge between Auroville and the bioregion as well as connecting people from all over the world to work together in an harmonious way."


Lively Boutique in cooperation with the Kolam Project promotes and sells the products that are designed and created by the women that take part in the project.  Lively Boutique and the Kolam Project are located in Tamil Nadu, South India.

The Kolam Project was founded by a young illiterate woman (Rajaveni) from a poor family.  She is the youngest of five sisters from the Sanjeevi Nagar Village in the State of Tamil Nadu.  In a passionate attempt to understand the rich cultural and traditional heritage of the Kolam in Tamil Nadu she began her research into the history of this wonderful art form that adorns thresholds each morning at sunrise and early evening.


What originally began as a research project later became an inspiration to empower the local village women by training them with tailoring and embroidery skills.  The vision of  keeping the tradition alive, empowering the local women so they can  become financially independent therefore improving the quality of their life by providing them with skills and employment opportunities. 


As a result  of this vision the Kolam Project was conceived and currently there are  over seven women designing, tailoring and embroidering the Kolam  designs on wall hangings, bags, bed sheets, purses, pillow covers, clothing  and many other products.  The products range from ready made to custom designs requested by our customers.

Another benefit of the Kolam Project is the educational aspect from local to global.  Not only has her vision of keeping the tradition alive locally been successful she is now displaying the beautiful and functional pieces in exhibitions and shops around the world.

Along with this endeavor she has taken on another initiative to build a Women’s Community House.  It is her dream that the Community House will provide a number of services to the local women and children. Some of the community services will include counseling, skills development through training programs, adult education, physical education (yoga and meditation) and cultural programs.  Once again with the objective of empowering the local village women, providing them with a safe place to heal their pains and upgrade their education.

With every purchase you will be contributing to the Kolam Project and helping us fulfill our dream of building and developing the programs for the Women’s Community House.